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Mesophytes are plants that grow under normal conditions with enough rainfall, moderate humidity and moderate temperature with low diurnal range.

Mostly found in tropical rainforests.

Adaptations of Mesophytes to their habitat

  • Trees grow tall to compete for light. There is little undergrowth.
  • Climbers such as lianas support themselves on stems of large trees in order to reach light.
  • Have numerous leaves with numerous chloroplasts to increase the surface area for transpiration and photosynthesis.
  • Show leaf mosaic arrangement to minimize overlapping of leaves for maximum exposure to sunlight for photosynthesis.
  • Have broad leaves with thin cuticles and numerous stomata on both sides of the leaves to increase photosynthesis and transpiration.
  • Some have buttress roots for extra support.
  • Some in drier areas have more stomata on the lower leaf surface than on the upper surface to reduce the rate of transpiration.
  • Some have waxy and glossy surfaces to reflect light rays and allow rain water to drop off easily.
  • Epiphytes (mosses and orchids) grow on branches of taller trees.
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