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Describe the functions of the mammalian skin in organisms.

  • Protection – It protects the underlying tissues against mechanical injury, ultraviolet rays and entry of pathogens;
  • Excretion – Act as an excretory organ, it enables organisms to eliminate excess water, ions and traces of urea;
  • Sensitivity – Act as a sensory organ, it enables the organisms to be aware of deviations in pressure, touch and temperature from the external environment;
  • Thermoregulation – It is a thermoregulatory organ as it enables the body to lose excess heat to lower its temperature back to the norm or may enable the organisms to store their heat if the temperature is lower and hence raise it back to the norm;
  • Osmoregulationsweating enables the body fluids to get rid of excess water or excess ions;
  • pH balance – Enhances the regulation of the pH of body fluids by enabling the body to get rid of either hydrogen ions or bi-carbonate ions;
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